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Road Hazard Warranty

Drive with confidence. Purchase your Nankang Road Hazard Warranty from your local wheel & tyre shop. Available now with any new set of Nankang passenger tyres* 




If during the first 12 Months or 12,000km (whichever comes first) the Nankang tyre suffers accidental damage due to adverse road conditions and is beyond repair (e.g impacts due to potholes, broken glass, high curbs etc) we will replace the tyre free of charge.

All Nankang tyres distributed by YHI (New Zealand) Ltd are covered against manufacturing faults for the life of the tyre. If after the first 12 months or 12,000 km the tyre has a manufacturing fault detected, YHI (New Zealand) Ltd will inspect the tyre and if the fault is accepted the tyre will be replaced free of charge with the same or an equivalent product - as long as the condition of the tyre meets the minimum requirements for a current Warrant Of Fitness.



Terms and Conditions

The Road Hazard Warranty is not valid unless paper work is completed by your tyre retailer and sent to YHI (New Zealand) Ltd at the time of purchase.The Nankang Road Hazard Warranty excludes damage caused by neglect - not limited to but including insufficient tyre and/or vehicle maintenance, tyre care and deliberate abuse. Conditions that are not covered in this warranty include fire, theft, vandalism, snow chain damage, motor vehicle accidents, racing, incorrect repair, incorrect operating pressures, overloading and any damage caused to the tyre by interference with the vehicle due to incorrect wheel fitment and/or vehicle modifications.

*The Road Hazard Warranty isn't available for purchase for Nankang Commercial or 4WD/SUV patterns






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