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Pirelli to Supply Three Different Types of Tyre for the Brand New Aston Martin DBX

4 March 2020

Pirelli has announced it is supplying three specially developed tyres for the new Aston Martin DBX SUV, the first SUV produced by the British luxury car company. 


The P Zero summer tyre offers performance and handling, the Scorpion Zero AS goes off-road, and the Scorpion Winter delivers safety and performance in winter conditions, the Italian firm said.


The first custom fitment, the P Zero, has a compound derived from tyres used for GT cars. The construction maximises the V8 turbo power of the new Aston Martin SUV that is intended to reach a wider audience than its other high-end sports models. The P Zero compound for the DBX also produces maximum grip on the track. Its zero-degree belt in the structure uses a new hybrid material that offers better steering feel to enhance driving pleasure. Tyre weight has also been reduced for improvements in rolling resistance and fuel consumption, Pirelli said.


The Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS for off-road use meets Aston Martin’s goal to open up possibilities for their customers by offering a vehicle that is more versatile while maintaining the driving performance and emotion its cars are known for. To achieve this objective, the Scorpion Zero tread pattern was redesigned with more rigid blocks towards the outside of the contact patch that provide enhanced grip in tricky conditions.


Pirelli’s Scorpion Winter for the SUV has been optimized for winter weather down to temperatures of minus 30 degrees to guarantee maximum efficiency in the most extreme conditions, the company said. Pirelli also modified the tyre’s materials to provide the best possible steering feel in winter weather.

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