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Achilles Radial Manufacturer Receives Indonesian Trade Honour

18 December 2018

The Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade has recognised the international successes of PT Multistrada Arah Tbk with the prestigious “Global Brand Developer Exporter” award. While 26 companies are nominated, only 6 are selected across 6 different categories.

Multistrada, through Achilles Radial, have expanded their business into more than 80 countries and they continue to innovate and develop new products to meet new quality and compliance requirements and enter new markets.

President Director of Multistrada, Pieter Tanuri, expressed his delight and gratitude after receiving the award and shared his ambition for the continued growth of the Achilles Radial brand globally; “this is a token of appreciation for our hard work in developing our business lines to the global market. Following the awarding, I am sure that we will approach our expansion to other countries with greater confidence to build Achilles as a local brand with global quality.”

YHI (New Zealand) Ltd. has been distributing Achilles Radial locally since 2005 and recognises the brand’s commitment to quality across a broad product range as the key to its success here. Multistrada have dedicated the award as motivation to continuously drive the company forward. 

SOURCE: Achilles Radial

Achilles Radial Manufacturer Receives Indonesian Trade Honour




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