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Mad Mike Takes Red Bull Drift Shifters to the U.K

21 June 2018
Red Bull Drift Shifters is a drifting event like no other. Taking the world’s best drifters, putting them on a custom track on the streets of a major city rigged with high tech speed and proximity sensors.

Drivers must show their skill, speed and precision as they manoeuvre their way around the features. The closer – the better.

Dreamt up by Mad Mike Whiddett to remove the uncertainty around judges’ decisions in drifting, Red Bull Drift Shifters first hit the streets of Auckland back in 2012. Now, it’s going international, arriving on the UK’s shores – and the iconic dockside city of Liverpool – for the first time in 2018.

On August 19, a selection of the world’s top drifters, including Mike himself, will compete in the shadow of the city’s famous Royal Liver Building to see who is the slickest of them all.


Image below: Mike's MADBUL and BADBUL RX7 & RX8 heading to the UK for Goodwood Festival of Speed and Red Bull Drift Shifters.



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