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Revolution is the blog of YHI (New Zealand) Ltd, New Zealand's leading distributor of automotive products.

YHI Stocktake

Important information about YHI Stocktake closure

Introducing The SunSaver Duo From Morningstar

Use the SunSaver Duo to select your charge distribution priorities as well as to find out information about your solar power system

Delta AC Mini EV Charger

Fuel your electric vehicle the friendly way with the cost-effective and versatile Delta AC Mini

Achilles Radial Sponsors Winter Woolies 2018

Check out some of the photos from Winter Woolies 2018!

Nankang Local Expert Feature: AS2+

The practical AS2+ provides you with stability, comfort and low noise, making it one of the top choices for putting on your SUV or high performance vehicle

Pirelli Porsche Series Returns With A New Support Truck

The new Pirelli Motorsport truck is a much needed upgrade due to the continued success of the Porsche Series 

Pirelli Joins Luna Rossa's New America's Cup Challenge

Pirelli and Luna Rossa Challenge have tied the knot in preparation for a multi-year project leading up to Luna Rossa's participation in the next America's Cup.

The New Advanti DST Munich Makes A Bold Statement

The sleek new Advanti DST Munich is sure to turn heads

The All New Nitto NT860

The perfect combination of high speed stability, steering response and safety in all conditions has been blended together to create the Nitto NT860

Exciting new arrival: Introducing the new NT860

The new NT860 is here!

Vehicle Feature

Hyundai Ioniq | Konig | Pirelli

Mad Mike Takes Red Bull Drift Shifters to the U.K

Mad Mike Whiddett's legendary event, Red Bull Drift Shifters, is going international!

Team Fraser Motorsport Takes Win on Achilles

Thanks to a "splash & dash" that paid off, Mike Fraser managed to take out the top spot in the Short Course and Enduro race event on the 16th & 17th June!

Vaughn Gittin Jr Heads to Goodwood in One-Off Mustang

As a tribute to the American fighter pilots who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, Vaughn Gittin Jr is driving a custom made Eagle Squadron Mustang GT.

Nankang Local Expert Feature: AT5

Built to handle a variety of conditions, the Nankang AT5 is a great choice for drivers who want a versatile tyre capable of driving on different terrain.

Pirelli Celebrates Festa Della Repubblica With Tri-Colour Tyres

In celebration of Italy's National Day, Pirelli has released new tyres streaked with green, white and red.

All New Advanti Racing Hurricane Set to be a Favourite

Say hello to our new Advanti Racing Hurricanes!
Take a look at the Matt Black wheels on a brand new Nissan Navara Tungsten Carbide X

YHI Invecargill Branch Now Open

We are eager to bring you our full range of products - now from Invercargill!

Leadfoot Festival Continues to Grow

2018's Leadfoot Festival proved once again that it is an event not to be missed! Formula Drift USA champion and Nitto partner Vaughn Gittin JR was welcomed by YHI to the Nitto Leadfoot Tyre Shop on his first ever trip to New Zealand.

Vehicle Feature

Subaru WRX | Enkei | Nitto

Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific Partners with Pirelli

The race schedule will run from 12 to 15 April and the public is invited to join in on a chunk of the four day event's celebrations over the weekend of 14 and 15 April 2018.



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